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Loppee is an anagram of People. Loppee.com is a crowdsourced service to search people and places of interest on map.

People People

Find blood donors, missing persons, domestic help, etc.
You can also put yourself on the map (e.g. as a blood donor) and let the world know that you can be of help to someone.

Places of interest Places of interest

No one knows your locality more than you do. You can add a nearby shop, lodge, school, eatery, gas station, market, police station, etc to map.

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Top searched categories:

  1. Blood Donors (A+, B+, Bombay blood group)
  2. Doctors (Dentist, Dermatologist, Physician, Cardiologist)
  3. Home Maids / Domestic Helps
  4. Mechanic
  5. Missing Person
Places of interest
  1. Accomodation (Hotel, Guest House, Dormitory)
  2. Food (Restaurants, Bakery)
  3. Education (College)
  4. Hospitals (Clinic)
  5. Charitable organizations (Beggar homes, Orphanages)
  6. Entertainment (Movie theater, Pub)
  7. Fuel (Petrol/ Gas Station)
  8. Market (Supermarket, Mall)


I have an 18 year old son on the autism spectrum (high functioning/aspergers). I was looking for ways to connecting with parents who have children on the spectrum. Then I found Loppee. Now I know three other parents in the neighborhood and together we help each other understand how to better leverage the unique areas of expertise of adults on the spectrum. I hope we can provide each other support as parents of families with autism - Erin Parker


Featured Categories:

Blood Donor
  • Every day someone staying near you need blood
  • Let them know that you care and are willing to donate blood
  • Volunteer as blood donor. Donate blood. Save lives
  • Use loppee to find the nearest blood donor
  • Find the differently-abled kids living nearby
  • Understand what they do for independent living
  • Know which school they go to; which doctor treats them, etc
  • Help some parents who are struggling to cope
Beggar Homes
  • In many cities, thousands of homeless people live on street
  • There are beggar homes for the rehabilitation of homeless
  • Please do mark the beggar homes in your locality
Domestic Help
  • They provide essential services that enable others to work outside the home
  • They sweep and clean, wash clothes and dishes
  • They shop and cook; care for children, the elderly, and the disabled
Missing Person
  • Report about people who are missing, runaway, abducted, untraced etc
  • Before reporting, please contact your local police station
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